Splitting our squad is always a tricky business, but with our tournament being speech-only and the UW hosting a TOC debate meet right down the road, we couldn't resist. We sent 8 debate pairs to the Seattle campus, and came away with the 3rd place overall team award. Results included:

Esme DeCoster/Lila Sangster

Duo Interp: 2nd Place 

Allie MorrisonOratory: 3rd Place 
Coco McNeil/Erin DevereuxDuo Interp: 3rd Place 
Aliya SchenckOratory: 1st Place 
Kyle Lee/Ethan EnglertOpen PF Debate: 2nd Place

The Harker School: September 30-October 1

Ezra Magaram 

1st Place: Extemporaneous Novice

1st Place: Impromptu Novice

Lila SangsterProse/Poetry Interpretation Finals (state bid)

Thomas Jefferson High School: January 21

Washington State 3A Speech Tournament 

The brand new facility at Federal Way High is just lovely. And huge. Coach Gorne and her cast of thousands put on a great meet that ran on time and finished up ahead of schedule. Hard to believe that we're already halfway through January, but with only a couple of regular-season meets to go, we're coming down to the last quarter of another season. Results included:

Outstanding of Redmond to host the 2016-17 District 2 Playoff/Qualifier meet. Multiple slots in the various events were up for grabs, and the remaining state bids are handed out based on order of finish at this tournament. We took a small squad of hopefuls across the bridge and gave it our best. In the end we secured multiple new bids and get ourselves in good shape for March. Results included:

The snow robbed us of debate this weekend, as the December 9th school closure meant that we had to pull our PF debate teams from Friday's rounds. But the roads had cleared sufficiently by Saturday for us to get our Speech competitors down to Auburn, where we were able to pick up a couple of wins. Time to take the holdiay break and come out swinging for the crazy January run! Results included:

Kamiak High School: January 27-28

Once again, we threw our own tournament on the first Saturday of December, and we easily doubled our attendance from last year. A dozen schools and around a hundred student competitors came to SAAS to walk the halls and take home our signature Seattle Academy trophies in DI, HI, OO, DUO, IR, and EXP. For the second year, we were priviliged to be both a WA state and NIETOC national qualifier tournament. Results included:

Simon Kessel/Avi Shapiro

Final round closeout varsity PF debate (state bid)

Kenji Lee/Josh KrimskyFinal round closeout varsity PF debate (state bid)
Alaina Neuberger/Avika Kasubhai1st Place Novice PF debate
Seattle Academy Debate Team Sweepstakes 

Seattle Academy: December 3

What a great tournament! On time with a reasonable schedule and the always interesting "Minnesota system" for ballots coming back in between rounds so kids can see comments. Thomas Jefferson is not too far away, but always worth the trip as we get ready to end the regular season and move into the playoffs. Results included:

Maddy Byrne/Matt Kelsey

PF Debate: Quarter finals (state bid)

Avi Shapiro/Simon KesselPF Debate: Octa-finals (state bid)
Kenji Lee/Kyle LeePF Debate: Octa-finals (state bid)
William Le/Dylan BreslinNovice PF Debate: Octa-finals
John Buck Novice Extemporaneous: 4th Place 
Georgia Robinson Novice Oratory: 5th Place 
Sydney Grayson Oratory: 5th Place (State bid)
Aliya SchenckOratory: 6thPlace (State bid)
Tessa MaloneHumorous Interp: 2nd Place (State bid)
Sydney Kaplan Humorous Interp: 5th Place (State bid)
Tessa Malone/Samantha McGrawDuo Interp: 4th Place (State bid)
Luca Rogoff/Avidan BaralDuo Interp: 6th Place (State bid) 
Erin Devereux/Coco McNeil 

Duo Interp: 4th Place (state bid!)

Simon Kessel Extemporaneous: 1st Place (state bid!)

Auburn Riverside High School: December 10

Been a minute since we've been up to Mukilteo to Kamiak High. It's a nice-sized meet, but no final rounds in IE's and all out-rounds in debate are hidden. Does make for getting home earlier though. This wraps up the regular season and moves us on to the playoffs. Next stop: District 2 tie-breaker meet. Results included:

2016-17 Season Results

Redmond High School: February 4th

University of Puget Sound: January 6-7

Avidan Baral/Luca Rogoff

Duo Interp: 2nd Place (state bid!)

Eliza BrowerDramatic: 1st Place (state bid!)

Another Washington season comes to a close. What a crazy day down at the University of Puget Sound, where we knew we were in for a fight from round 1! Some great results this year, including a state champ in HI. SAAS ended up 3rd overall, and a true tip of the cap to The Bear Creek School and Gig Harbor High School for truly outstanding seasons. As we move into putting together our national squad for May in KC, we're very excited about the future here. Results included:

Auburn High School is absolutely gorgeous.  A real palace. And their tournament ran smooth and early, allowing to both leave and return to SAAS in daylight! it was intimate affair, but I have no doubt that it will only grow as word gets out about their awesome facility, high quality judging, and civilized schedule. We will certainly be back next year. Results included:

3rd Place overall in Washington State 3A Team Speech 

Federal Way High School: January 13-14

Lily Staton

Humorous Interp WA 3A State Champion! (national qualifier!)

Tessa MaloneHumorous Interp: 4th Place
Sydney KaplanHumorous Interp: 6th Place
Erin Devereux/Coco McNeilDuo Interp: 4th Place
Avidan Baral/Luca RogoffDuo Interp: 5th Place
Erin DevereuxDramatic Interp: 6th Place
Esme DeCosterDramatic Interp: 2nd Place (national qualifier!)
Aliya SchenckOratory: 4th Place
Allie MorrisonProse and Poetry Interpretation: 6th Place
Lila SangsterProse and Poetry Interpretation: 2nd Place
Avi Shapiro Extemporaneous: 7th Place

Auburn High School: November 12

Seattle Academy Speech and Debate

The Bear Creek School: October 21-22

A fun Fall tune-up all as we took four of our debate teams down to Silicon Valley to a new tournament for us in San Jose. While we didn't end up in out-rounds, it was great to meet some new folks, experiment with the latest tab room software, and get ready for an exciting 2016-17 season. 

University of Washington: December 2-3

And once again we are off and running, starting by going across the 520 bridge to Redmond and the lovely campus of The Bear Creek School. The coaching staff and parent volunteers provided a first-rate meet with great food, lovely awards, and rounds that ran almost entirely on schedule. We brought lots of new competitors, including twelve PF debate teams. Not only did two of Coach Feder's novice teams break to out-rounds, but the open division was all SAAS in semi-finals, closing out spots 1-4!  Results included:

William Owen/Nolan Parks

Duo Interp state slot

Sara DiPasqualeDramatic Interp state slot
Lily StatonHumorous Interp state slot
Ben RileyHumorous Interp state slot
Allie MorrisonProse and Poetry Interp state slot
Conner PierceExpository (1st Alternate)
Maddy Byrne
Extemporaneous (1st Alternate) 
Ben Riley/Ella Kodjababian

Duo Interp: 6th Place (state and NIETOC bid!)

Erin DevereuxDramatic Interp: 3rd Place (state and NIETOC bid!)
Josh Krimsky/Kenji LeeVarsity Public Forum Debate: 2nd place (state bid)
Maddy Byrne/Matt KelseyVarsity Public Forum Debate: Octa-finals (state bid)
Alaina Neuberger/Avika KasubhaiJV Public Forum Debate: 2nd Place
Esme DeCoster

Dramatic Interp: 2nd Place (State bid)

Max BooneDramatic Interp: 3rd Place (State bid)
Erin DevereuxDramatic Interp: 4th Place (State bid)
Caden LorenziniDramatic Interp: 6th Place (State bid)
Aliya SchenckOratory: 3rd Place (State bid)
Tessa MaloneHumorous Interp: 4th Place (State bid)
Kate MilneHumorous Interp: 5th Place (State bid)
Tessa Malone/Samantha McGrawDuo Interp: 4th Place (State bid)
Esme DeCoster/Lila SangsterDuo Interp: 3rd Place (State bid) 
Erin Devereux/Coco McNeil Duo Interp: 2nd Place (State bid) 
Esme DeCoster

Dramatic Interp: 2nd Place (State bid)

Impromptu: 1st Place (State bid)

Allie MorrisonOratory: 2nd Place (State bid)
Simon KesselExtemporaneous: 1st Place (State bid)
Avi ShapiroExtemporaneous: 3rd Place (State bid)
Abby SandersonNovice Oratory: 2nd Place
Simon Kessel/Avi ShapiroOpen PF Debate: 1st Place (State bid)
Maddy Byrne/Matt KelseyOpen PF Debate: 2nd Place (State bid)
Golda Glasser/Molly SandersonOpen PF Debate: 3rd Place
Avidan Baral/Aidan PatrickOpen PF Debate: 4th Place
Dylan Breslin/William LeNovice PF Debate: Semis
Ella Jursek/Kaden RosenblattNovice PF Debate: Semis