University of Washington: December 1-2

Redmond High School : February 3

Tahoma High School: November 18

Wow. If you want to see how to build a high school complex, get down to Covington and see the beautiful new Tahoma High School. Tons of open common space, high level tech and lots of natural light. Even though it was finals weekend for us, we couldn't resist taking a few entries down and seeing the new digs. They truly are spectacular. Results included: 

Mackenzie Caputo/Olivia BrandonPublic Forum Debate: semi-finals (state bid)
Zephyr GilmoreNovice Impromptu: finals 
Sydney Grayson/Emma LeventhalDuo Interpretation: finals (state bid) 
Avidan Baral/Luca RogoffDuo Interpretation: 1st Place (state bid) (TOC Bid)
Avidan Baral Super Congress Session
Lucas ShermanNovice Super Congress Session
Sydney GraysonOriginal Oratory: 5th Place (state bid)

Maddy Byrne/Matt KelseyPF Debate (varsity) semi-finals (state bid!)
Jesse WallingStudent Congress: Super Congress (state leg!)
Jaheem Singh/Sachin ZachariahPF Debate (novice): semi-finals
Owen ColwellImpromptu: 4th place (state bid!)
Corey WoodDramatic Interp: 2nd place (state bid!)
Micah ShapiroInterpretive Reading: 4th place (state bid!)
Allie MorrisonOriginal Oratory: 2nd Place

It's the biggest and baddest and always one of the best! Federal Way draws competitors and teams from all over everywhere to get those precious TOC bids, and we took our squad down to see what we could do. Coach Lois Gorne and her team ran a smooth meet, with the added excitement of the new paperless balloting system for debate. The future is here! Results included: 

Josh KrimskyDramatic Interpretation: 3rd Place (state bid)
Alma FreemanProse and Poetry Interpretation: 2nd Place (state bid)
Eliza BrowerProse and Poetry Interpretation: 3rd Place (state bid) 
Conner PierceExpository Speaking (secures state slot)
Owen Colwell Impromptu Speaking (secures state slot)
Sadie CookOriginal Oratory (secures state slot) 
Sydney KaplanProse and Poetry Interpretation (2nd Alternate to State) 
Kate MilneHumorous Interpretation (1st Alternate to State
Kate Milne/Moriah ReibmanDuo Interpretation (2nd Alternate to State) 
Maddy ByrneExtemporaneous Speaking (2nd Alternate to State) 

Nothing better than getting home while the sun still shines, although in Seattle that's a relative thing. Thomas Jefferson is always so quick and seamless, running three quick IE rounds and then finals and then home. Can't beat it. By the end of the day NIETOC bids had been given out, state bids had been won and we had ballots back for the busride. We look forward to this one every year. Results included: 

NSDA National Qualifier Tournament : March 2-3

Avi Shapiro/Golda GlasserPublic Forum Debate: octo-finals (state bid)
Aidan Patrick/Simon RossiPublic Forum Debate: double octo-finals (state bid)
Dylan Breslin/Sophie Ginsburg-HayesPublic Forum Debate: double octo-finals (state bid)
Lucas ShermanStudent Congress Super Session, 6th Place overall (state leg) 

Seattle Academy: December 2

Lily StatonDramatic Interpretation: 2nd Place (state bid)
Corey WoodDramatic Interpretation: 5th Place (state bid) 
Sydney Grayson/Emma LeventhalDuo Interpretation: 2nd Place (state bid) 
Lily Staton/Tessa MaloneDuo Interpretation: 3rd Place (state bid)
Avidan Baral/Luca RogoffDuo Interpretation: 5th Place (state bid)
Abby SandersonExpository: 3rd Place (state bid)
Tessa MaloneHumorous Interpretation: 1st Place (state bid)
Sydney KaplanHumorous Interpretation: 3rd Place (state bid) 
Eliza BrowerInterpretive Reading: 2nd Place (state bid)
Sydney KaplanInterpretive Reading: 4th Place (state bid) 
Emma LeventhalInterpretive Reading: 5th Place (state bid) 
Aliya SchenckOriginal Oratory: 3rd Place (state bid)
Sydney GraysonOriginal Oratory: 5th Place (state bid)
Sadie CookOriginal Oratory: 6th Place (state bid)

Kenji Lee/Kyle LeePublic Forum Debate: 1st Place! (state bid)

It's back to work for the debaters, as they went down Interstate 5 to Tacoma and the beautiful UPS campus; a hidden gem in the middle of the city. This large debate tourney draws teams from all over this part of the country. We took several teams as well as a slate of Student Congress competitors. When the dust cleared several had broken to outrounds and SuperCongress.  Results included: 

Thomas Jefferson High School : January 20

2017-18 Season Results

Washington 3A State Tournament: March 10 

Allie MorrisonOriginal Oratory: 5th Place
Aliya SchenckOriginal Oratory: 3rd Place
Lily Staton Dramatic Interpretation: 5th Place
Tessa MaloneHumorous Interpretation: 3rd Place
Sydney KaplanHumorous Interpretation: 6th Place
Alma Freeman Prose and Poetry Interpretation: 4th Place
Lily Staton/Tessa MaloneDuo Interpretation: 4th Place
Ben Riley/Corey WoodDuo Interpretation: 7th Place
Allie Morrison/Aliya SchenckDuo Interpretation: 5th Place

Hey, we threw a tournament! How cool is that? Yes, the third annual Cardinal Invitational NIETOC qualifier is in the books. Thanks to all 15 schools who came from all across the state, as well as all our staff and faculty who helped us make this year's meet a success. Results included: 

The Bear Creek School: October 20-21

We haven't been up to Snohomish in a couple years, as it tends to conflict with more local tournaments, but the buzz has been that it's just too good to miss. While the debaters headed across the pass to Spokane and the Central Valley meet, some of us jumped in the van and went north to see how this meet has grown and evolved. We'll definitely be back! Results included: 

Kenji Lee/Kyle LeePublic Forum Debate: finals (state bid)
Maddy Byrne/Matt KelseyPublic Forum Debate: quarter-finals (state bid)
Allie MorrisonOriginal Oratory: finals (state bid)
Aliya Schenck 
Original Oratory: finals (state bid) 
Avidan Baral
Student Congress Super Session (state leg)
Lucas ShermanStudent Congress Super Session (state leg) 

Auburn Riverside High School : December 8-9

Once again, we walked down the street to the UW campus just across the Montlake Bridge to begin debate in December. The UW meet continues to grow, as they've gotten TOC bids in CX debate and are drawing Policy schools from all over the PNW. Results included: 

It's a ways down south, but it's always fun to slide in to the halfway point of the season with the Auburn Riverside meet. Coach Mark Davis and his crew throw a full-size tournament, complete with SPAR. Now it's time to catch our collective breath and enjoy a well-earned holiday break. Results included: 

Allie MorrisonOriginal Slam Poetry: 2nd place

Redmond has become the tie-breaker tournament for our WSFA District, and has easily doubled in size since last year. They run a great meet, and everybody waits on pins and needles to see who will get those last state slots of the season. A shout-out here to the Tabroom program that has become so universal and, with rare exceptions, makes everything so easy. We're looking forward to getting ready for State in March. As the regular season comes to a close, everything is revving up! Results included: 

We haven't danced the NSDA (National Speech and Debate Association) dance in an age and an age, but this year two of our Public Forum debaters decided to go up to Glacier Peak High School and participate to get an early look at the March topic for State. Next thing you know: 3-0, then 4-0, then. . . . .Florida. So now it will be off to the Everglades in June. Scenic. Results: 

Avidan Baral/Luca RogoffDuo Interpretation: 2nd place (state bid!)

Kicking the season off at The Bear Creek School in Redmond has become the annual tradition around Seattle, and once again the wind and rain were not able to keep us from heading across the bridge to compete at their beautiful campus with around 15 other schools. It's great to have the 2017-18 season underway with a crew of returning veterans and exciting new faces. Results included: 

Another year in the books. Seems like we just started over at Bear Creek in October. But once again the University of Puget Sound graciously provided a wonderful venue for the WSFA State Tournament and even the weather cooperated. We ended up taking 25 entries, and came away with Third Place Sweepstakes overall, equalling our finish from last season. Thanks to one and all for an outstanding season, and we'll see you on the east coast for NSDA nationals. Results included: 

Ben Riley/Corey WoodDuo Interpretation: 5th Place (state bid)
Allie Morrison/Aliya SchenckDuo Interpretation: 2nd Place (state bid) (National bid)
Allie MorrisonOriginal Oratory: 5th Place (state bid)
Corey WoodDramatic Interpretation: 4th Place (state bid)
Micah ShapiroProse and Poetry Interpretation: 2nd Place (state bid)
Emma LeventhalProse and Poetry Interpretation: 3rd Place (state bid)
Alma FreemanProse and Poetry Interpretation: Finals (state bid)

Snohomish High School: November 11

University of Puget Sound : January 5-6

Maddy Byrne/Kyle LeePublic Forum Debate: National Tournament Qualifiers

Seattle Academy Speech and Debate

Federal Way High School : January 12-13

Central Valley High School: November 10-11

3rd Place Overall WSFA 3A finishers

Maddy Byrne/Matt KelseyPF Debate (varsity): octo-finals (state bid!)
Jesse WallingStudent Congress: Super Congress (state leg!)
Kenji Lee/Kyle LeePF Debate (varsity): quarter-finals (state bid!)
Avi Shapiro/Golda GlasserPF Debate (varsity): quarter-finals (state bid!)
Aidan Patrick/Simon RossiPF Debate (varsity): octo-finals (state bid!)