For the next weekend of the season, we made the decision to split the squad and have the debaters go north to Snohomish and keep the speech kids home for our own meet. We sent 10 different PF debate teams and a couple Congress people for two days to the river plains and even earned some bids along the way. Results included: 

Corey Wood/Ben RileyDuo Interpretation: 1st place (state bid!)
Corey WoodHumorous Interpretation: 2nd place (state bid!)
Nicole ArendsProgram of Oral Interpretation: 2nd place (state bid!)

Sachin Zachariah/Jaheem LeePF Debate semi-finals (state bid!)

Under the heading of "Wow, THAT escalated quickly!", the Bellevue School District stepped into the former UW tournament date and decided to throw a joint meet, co-hosted by Bellevue and Newport High Schools. What started as, "I hope some people come." soon turned into the largest meet in western Washington so far this year (55 pairs in novice PF alone!!). Over the course of two days, Bellevue hosted a massive amount of debate squads and a high level of competition. This will no doubt be the kind of thing our debaters will one day proudly say they were at the first one. Results included: 

Kicking the season off at The Bear Creek School in Redmond has become the annual tradition around Seattle, and once again the wind and rain were not able to keep us from heading across the bridge to compete at their beautiful campus with around 15 other schools. It's great to have the 2018-19 season underway with a crew of returning veterans and exciting new faces. Results included: 

How odd is it to still be looking forward to Thanksgiving and yet have the Seattle Academy tournament already in the rearview mirror? But the demise of the UW debate program forced us to reshuffle how we do things somewhat, and we moved our show earlier in the season. Bringing the new building online allowed us to offer all eight WA speech events for the first time, and we still kept everything in a single building for ease of use. 12 schools came to compete from all over western Washington, and were done and heading home by 3:00 in the afternoon. Special thanks to our SAAS Culinary team, our crack facilities staff, traffic and safety folks, and everyone who made this meet happen. See you next year! Results included: 

Interlake High School: February 1-2

Emma Leventhal Program of Oral Interpretation: 3rd place (state bid!)

Glacier Peak High School : January 12

William LeStudent Congress: Super Congress (state bid) 

Seattle Academy: November 10

Auburn Riverside High School : December 7-8

2018-19 Season Results

University of Puget Sound  : January 11-12

With the demise of the Central Valley tournament, the only TOC bid left within the state of Washington is to be gained at the UPS tournament that kicks off January. Thus, to quote one of our great American poets, Billy Squier, "Everybody wants you." They come from near and far, all up and down the west coast and beyond to descend upon Tacoma and compete for the coveted title. We brought a squad of three PF teams, two Student Congress debaters, two Lincoln-Douglas debaters (!), and a partridge in a pear tree!! While we did well, there were no TOC bids to be had this time around. However there were some other exciting gains of the day. Results included: 

Bellevue School District: November 30-December 1

"In the late summer of that year we lived in a house in a village that looked across the river and the plain to the mountains. In the bed of the river there were pebbles and boulders, dry and white in the sun." -Ernest Hemingway, "A Farewell to Arms"

Maple Valley has changed a great deal in a short time. Where once simple green hills drew the equestrian families of western Washington, now strip malls and fast food chains beckon with promises of instant gratification and the convenience of modernity that allows the patron to satisfy their every whim, often without leaving their car. In the middle of it all, the new Tahoma High School sits like a monument to the local taxpayer; full of promise and potential. And it was certainly full on this day. Speech students competed for square footage with actors in that evening's show, children from a local youth soccer league, and vendors and patroms of the annual marching band fundraising flea market. Coexistence was the order of the day however, and everyone came away satisfied and ready for a weekend of football, family, and tryptophan-induced stupor. Results included: 

Snohomish High School: November 9-10

Thomas Jefferson High School: December 1

Morris Vasser-Campbell/Lucy WaggonerPF Debate (novice) semi-finals 
Owen ColwellImpromptu: 4th place (state bid!)
Zephyr GilmoreExtemporaneous: 4th place (state bid!)
Emma Sindel-DempcyProgram of Oral Interp: 3rd place (state bid!)
Emma LeventhalProgram of Oral Interp: 1st place (state bid/national bid)

Interlake held a small but efficient tournament as the rains of January turned to February's snows. Only ten or fifteen minutes away, and the facilities are certainly first class. Overall it was a great way to end the regular season. Now it's on to the District playoffs at Redmond, and then to State in March! Results included: 

Tahoma High School: November 17

It's always good to get to the halfway point of the season, and that usually means Auburn Riverside High School down on the Green River, where paradise lay (apologies to John Denver). Once again in search of those elusive state and NIETOC bids, we brought three duo teams, four debater teams, some student congress, some poetry, and a whole heap of extemporaneous speakers on the bus to Auburn. The weather held this year (we have driven home from that tournament in the snow in recent times) and we came away with some good stuff! Results included: 

Whatever tournament we go to this weekend on the calendar always rubs up against the SAAS Winter Formal, but we still took a small but stalwart squad up to Snohomish to what is perhaps the most beautiful of the schools we go to all year long. You certainly can't beat the view at sunrise, looking out over the valley to the Three Fingers, snowcapped and barring the way over the Cascades. Stunning. The gang at Glacier Peak ran a snappy tournament, with little downtime and good competition. Now a week off and then the home stretch of three in a row. Results included: 

Seattle Academy Speech and Debate

The Bear Creek School: October 19-20

Thomas Jefferson, although always a complex, controversial figure in American history, sure knew how to build a high school! We love meets that have us driving home while there is still light in the sky, and the coaches, team, and staff at the 2018 TJ meet did exactly that. We sent a good-sized squad down south in search of those elusive NIETOC bids, and even came back with a few! While we do hope they return to their previous January tournament date, we are already making plans to head back again next year. Results included: 

Jad Karjian/Emma LeventhalDuo Interpretation: 5th place (state and national bid!)
Nayan Birnbach/Zubin BirnbachDuo Interpretation: 6th place (state and national bid!)
Emma Leventhal Program of Oral Interpretation: 5th place (state bid!)

Lucy Waggoner/Morris Vasser-CampbellPublic Forum Debate: Quarter finals (state bid!)
Sydney GraysonOriginal Oratory: 2nd place (state bid!)
Sadie CookOriginal Oratory: 1st place (state bid!)
Maya SulkinOriginal Oratory: 6th place (state bid!)

Yonase Geleta/Erin FritsNovice Public Forum Debate: semi-finalists
Danny ScherzerOpen Lincoln-Douglas Debate: quarter-finalist
Aki Eisenmann-ShodaOpen Public Forum Debate: 2nd place speaker
Stella HornsOpen Public Forum Debate: 4th place speaker

Ben Riley/Corey WoodDuo Interp: 3rd Place (state bid!)
Emma Leventhal/Jad KarjianDuo Interp: 4th place (state bid!)
Kate Milne/Ryan MilneDuo Interp: 6th place (state bid!)
Lucca VernoyDramatic Interp: 1st place (state bid!)
Zephyr GilmoreExtemporaneous: 4th place (state bid!)
Owen ColwellImpromptu: 3rd place (state bid!)
Emma LeventhalProgram of Oral Interp: 6th place (state bid)

Lucca VernoyDramatic Interp: 2nd Place (state bid!)
Sydney GraysonDramatic Interp: 3rd place (state bid!)
Kate Milne/Ryan MilneDuo Interp: 3rd place (state bid!) (national bid!!)
Helen BellewOriginal Oratory: 4th place (state bid!)
Maya SulkinOriginal Oratory: 6th place (state bid!)
Owen ColwellImpromptu: 6th place (state bid!)
Fiona BorProgram of Oral Interp: 4th place (state bid!)
Emma Sindel-DempcyProgram of Oral Interp: 1st place (state bid!) (national bid!!)