Frankie NuckollsState Champion: Dramatic Interpretation (national qualifier)
Tessa MaloneState Champion: Humorous Interpretation (national qualifier)
Esme DeCoster2nd Place: Prose and Poetry Interpretation
Becca Karjian2nd Place: Expository Speaking
Michael Trask/Samantha McGraw2nd Place: Duo Interpretation (national qualifier)
Esme DeCoster3rd Place: Dramatic Interpretation (national qualifier) 
Abbey Spangler/Coco McNeil4th Place: Duo Interpretation (national bid) 
Aliya Schenck4th Place: Original Oratory (national bid) 
Simon Kessel5th Place: Extemporaneous (national bid) 
Becca Karjian6th Place: Humorous Interpretation (national bid) 
Zamir Birnbach/Isaac Zinda6th Place: Duo Interpretation (national bid) 
Max Boone7th Place: Dramatic Interpretation (national bid) 
Tessa Malone/Ben Riley7th Place: Duo Interpretation (national bid) 

Seems crazy that yet another season already draws to a close, but what a year it's been! The debate state tournament this year was at Gonzaga University in Spokane, and speech was, as always, at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma. Our squad practiced super-hard over the weeks leading up to the meets, and in the end we were rewarded with our 11th state title.  Our thanks go out to the entire WSFA and the SAAS community that supports us so thoroughly. Results included: 

Frankie Nuckolls
Dramatic Interpretation: 1st (state bid/TOC bid)
Erin Devereux
Dramatic Interpretation: 4th (state bid)
Margaret Sneeringer
Original Oratory: 4th (state bid/TOC bid)
Lizzie Willsmore-Finkle
Original Oratory: 6th (state bid/TOC bid)
Esme DeCoster
Prose/Poetry: 2nd (state bid)
Kenji Lee/Jared Taylor
Novice Public Forum Debate: CLOSEOUT of finals!
MacKenzie Caputo/Olivia Brandon
Novice Public Forum Debate: CLOSEOUT of finals!

For the first time ever, we went to the University of Puget Sound for their regular season meet. We're used to going there for the State tournament at the end of the year, and it's just as lovely a place in the winter as in the spring. It's somewhat of a strange schedule (IE's on Friday afternoon and evening), but you can't be beat the food, and by Saturday afternoon we were deep into the debate outrounds and headed home from Speech finals. The crazy January run is officially under way! Results included: 

We did it! We wanted to start small but do it well, so we began this year with only the NIETOC events: DI, HI, DUO, and OO. Next year we plan to add IR and EXP. But when the dust cleared, we had succesfully thrown our own Saturday speech meet! Six other schools came by and we appreciate it a great deal. Everyone had lots of compliments about our campus, awesome food, and our ability to run on time. In terms of our own competitors, results included: 

​University of Nevada-Las Vegas: February 5-7

Auburn Riverside High School: December 11-12

WA State 3A Tournaments: March 11-12, and March 19

University of Washington: February 13

Becca Karjian1st Place: Humorous Interpretation (state bid)
Avidan Baral/Aidan Patrick3rd Place: Open division Public Forum debate
Sean Long1st Alternate State: Prose and Poetry Interpretation
Avidan Baral2nd Alternate State: Impromptu

And once again we are off and running, starting by going across the 520 bridge to Redmond and the lovely campus of The Bear Creek School. The coaching staff and parent volunteers provided a first-rate meet with great food, lovely awards, and rounds that ran almost entirely on schedule. We brought lots of new competitors, including nine PF debate teams. Amazingly, ALL of Coach Feder's novice teams broke to out-rounds! Later in the night, our team would sweep the top three places in DI and go on to place first in two other events as well. A great way to start the season. Results included:

Federal Way always throws a great meet, and we can't wait to see their awesome new building after completion next year! The nice folks at Decatur High once again allowed their sister school to use their building for the weekend, and the cafetorium was rocking. We took 16 Speech entries and 6 debate teams down to the tourney, which featured over 50 schools from near and far! In the end, we took home some TOC bids, filled out our state bids, and CLOSED OUT NPF debate finals. How cool is that? Results included: 

Michael TraskDramatic Interp: 1st Place

Erin Devereux

Dramatic Interp: 2nd Place
Frankie NuckollsDramatic Interp: 3rd Place
Kelsey MaloneHumorous Interp: 1st Place
Genevieve GoodmanHumorous Interp: 4th Place
Eli BernsteinHumorous Interp: 5th Place
Michael Trask/Samantha McGrawDuo Interp: 1st Place
Zamir Birnbach/Isaac ZindaDuo Interp: 2nd Place
Allegra Long/Ashley RobinsonDuo Interp: 4th Place
Lizzie Willsmore-FinkleOriginal Oratory: 2nd Place
Aliya SchenckOriginal Oratory: 3rd Place
Lindsay GibbonsOriginal Oratory: 5th Place
Robert WintonOriginal Oratory: 6th Place

2015-16 Season Results

The Golden Desert Invitational is a debate-only meet thrown by UNLV, and we decided to spend Super Bowl weekend in Vegas, seeing as the Seahawks left us with nothing better to do. We took 5 pairs down, including a couple who were in their first meet in Open division. It was lovely to get into some sun and get our younger debaters some national circuit experience. Results included: 

2015-16 WA 3A State Speech Team Champions

It's a year of firsts: we attended the tournament at the University of Washington for the first time this year, although we only took speech competitors. The day started well, and due to the closeness to home, we were able to be in our beds by nine; a rare treat on a tournament night. The tournament got caught in what will most likely be remembered as "The Great Tabroom Program Crash of '16", which took down the meets at UC and Harvard as well, but they recovered, and have a lot of positives to work with going forward. We were able to take home some good state bids. Results included: 

Max BooneDramatic Interp: 1st Place (National bid)
Michael TraskDramatic Interp: 2nd Place
Esme DeCosterDramatic Interp: 3rd Place
Simon KesselExtemporaneous: 1st Place (State bid)
Avi ShapiroExtemporaneous: Finals (State bid)
Lizzie Willsmore-FinkleImpromptu: 1st Place (State bid)
Tessa MaloneHumorous Interp: 3rd Place
Grace VidgerOratory: 2nd Place (State bid)
Aliya SchenckOratory: 3rd Place (State bid)
Gabby BorensteinNovice Extemporaneous: 3rd Place
Simon Rossi/Reed VogtOpen PF Debate: 3rd Place (State bid) 
Maddy Byrne/Matt KelseyNovice PF Debate: 3rd Place
Axel Hjelsberg/Josh KrimskyNovice PF Debate: Quarterfinals
Olivia Brandon/Ian LockNovice PF Debate: Quarterfinals
Bunker Risse/Andrzej DomanskiNovice PF Debate: Quarterfinals

Interlake High School kindly agreed to be the site of the WSFA District 2 playoffs this year, which is great for us in terms of proximity and schedule! State slots were decided, awards were given, and March rosters finalized. As another regular season comes to an end, it's worth noting that 73 different students represented Seattle Academy at Speech and Debate meets throughout Washington and beyond. Now it's on to State and TOC. Results included: 

Back on the road again. With our own meet in the rearview mirror, it's time to go down South to Auburn Riverside High School. We're aiming to fill out our State roster and pick up some slots, as well as taking a good long look at some of our future prospects. It was great to get some new faces a little bit of speaking time, as well as locking down the post-season for a few of our varsity. Now it's time for some well-earned holiday relaxation with family and friends to rest up for the three weeks in a row that is January. Results included: 

Aliya Schenck
Finalist: Oratory (state bid)
Frankie Nuckolls
Finalist: Dramatic Interpretation (state bid

​Thomas Jefferson High School: January 23

Interlake High School: February 19-20

​University of Puget Sound: January 8-9

Federal Way High School: January 15-16

The Thomas Jefferson tournament moved from their location of the last few years, the University of Washington-Tacoma, on to their main campus in Auburn. Coach Andrew Buchan and his team ran a speedy, well-organized meet based on the Minnesota system and we picked up a couple quick bids at a tournament that only holds speech events, gets us home in the daylight, and has always been one of our faorites. Results included: 

The Bear Creek School: October 23-24

Seattle Academy Speech and Debate

Tahoma High School: November 20-21

Seattle Academy: December 5

We have a hard time remembering the last time a tournament ended not only on time, but early! But the gang down at Tahoma High School did exactly that this weekend, as the awards ceremony ENDED at exactly the time it had been originally scheduled to START! Amazing. It was a smooth meet with good food, nice staff, and generally low stress. In the end, we broke to finals in seven out of the eight speech events and picked up multiple state and TOC bids.  Results included:

Simon Kessel/Avi Shapiro
Round of 32: Public Forum Debate, Open Division

Michael Trask

Finalist: Dramatic Interpretation (state bid)

Finalist: Humorous Interpretation (state bid)

Lizzie Willsmore-Finkle
Finalist: Expository (state bid)
Becca Karjian3rd Place: Expository (state bid)
Allie Morrison2nd Place: Prose/Poetry Interpretation (state bid)
Aliya Schenck2nd Place: Oratory (state bid)
Conner PierceFinalist: Oratory (state bid)
Josh KrimskyFinalist: Impromptu (state bid)

Michael TraskDramatic Interp: 1st Place (State and TOC bid)
Esme DeCosterDramatic Interp: 2nd Place (State bid)
Lizzie Willsmore-FinkleOratory: 1st Place (State and TOC bid)
Abbey SpanglerProse/Poetry: 2nd Place (State bid)
Avi ShapiroExtemporaneous: 2nd Place (State bid) 
Hannah FleischmannHumorous Interp: 4th Place (State bid)
Becca KarjianExpository: 4th Place (State bid)
Abbey Spangler/Coco McNeilDuo Interp: 4th Place (State bid) 
Michael Trask
Dramatic Interp: 2nd Place (State bid)
Max Boone
Dramatic Interp: 3rd Place (State bid)
Sydney Kaplan
Prose/Poetry Interp: 2nd Place (State bid)
Llizzie Willsmore-Finkle
Original Oratory: 3rd Place (State bid)
Tessa Malone/Ben Riley
Duo Interp: 5th Place (State bid)
Josh Krimsky
Novice Impromptu: 2nd Place
Molly Sanderson/Golda Glasser
Open Public Forum debate: Quarters (State bid)
Avidan Baral/Aidan Patrick
Open Public Forum debate: Quarters (State bid)
Andrzej Domanski/Bunker Risse
Novice Public Forum debate: Quarters
Axel Hjelsberg/Josh Krimsky
Novice Public Forum debate: Semis

Hannah Fleischmann
1st Place: Dramatic Interpetation (state bid!)
Hannah Fleischmann
Finals: Humorous Interpretation (state bid!)
Zamir Birnbach/Isaac Zinda
1st Place: Duo Interpretation (state bid!)
Michael Trask/Samantha MacGraw
Finals: Duo Interpretation (state bid!)
Grace Vidger
3rd Place: Original Oratory (state bid!)
Esme DeCoster
Finals: Dramatic Interpretation (state bid!)
Simon Kessel/Avi Shapiro
Octo-finals: Open Public Forum debate (state bid!)
Kyle Lee/Kenji Lee
1st Place: Novice Public Forum debate 
MacKenzie Caputo/Adam Perlin
​Octo-finals: Novice Public Forum debate