Seattle Academy Speech and Debate

You may attend as many or as few regular season tournaments as you wish, depending on your personal goals. This usually means missing the last half of the day on that Friday. Alert teachers accordingly.  

The schedule on this site is based upon the preliminary calendar available in September and is subject to change. Nor does it take into account rehearsal or practice schedules for other events at Seattle Academy. Do everyone involved a big favor and plan your season in advance, then let coaches, directors, etc, know of your tournament schedule and get approval IN ADVANCE. This includes both regular season and your possible qualification for post-season tournaments in March. 

In the event I hear the whisper that Speech and Debate is being used by anyone as an excuse for homework not being done on time, I will assume your load is too heavy and help you out by lightening your commitments from my end. Tournaments feature LOTS of down time. Bring work and stay caught up.   

Seattle Academy Speech/Debate Expectations for an "Away" Tournament

1. All team members will travel together to and from the tournament, unless permission is obtained from Underwood/Greenway/Burstyn via a written request from parents.     

2. You are representing your parents, community, school, and your coaches.  Act that way. This rule applies to tournament sites, eating places, hotel sites, etc.

3. Members of the team should stay together at all times, or at least in groups of three or more and have permission to be separated from the group. In addition, there should be at least one charged and working cell phone in the sub-group with whom the coach has exchanged numbers. This is necessary for safety reasons as well as for the convenience of the coach.

4. No student may be outside his/her room after curfew without the permission of Underwood/Burstyn/Greenway.  In order to compete effectively, you must have sufficient rest.  Likewise, individuals should assume that other students staying in the room want to sleep.  Therefore, you must be in bed with the lights out at the designated time. Students who disregard this rule will not compete in future tournaments. Violation of rules can and will result in notifying parents to come and get you. They will not be pleased. Nor I. 

5. Students must be on time for all rounds and all assigned travel arrangements.  We will leave without you.

6. All school rules apply. Violations of these rules are considered violations of school policy and will be dealt with accordingly.